Tuesday, 23 April 2024

Articles by Rik Henderson

Rik Henderson
Rik is a professional journalist with more than 35 years experience across online, magazines and television broadcasting. As well as the creator of GamesLifer, he is the News Editor of T3.com, while his previous work includes stints as editor and group editor on several monthlies and weeklies covering video games and technology. He has also been a series producer on daily and weekly TV shows, and has presented and guested on multiple TV series too, including GamesMaster, Games World, Game Over, Virtual World of Sport, Live TV, Greatest Christmas TV Ads, and The Apprentice.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review

When Respawn unleashed its first Star Wars Jedi game into the world it came as somewhat a surprise - a highly pleasant one, at that...

What is VRR? Variable Refresh Rate TV technology explained

Among the various new technologies appearing on TVs today is Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) - a gaming-specific tech that is supported by the Xbox...

What is ALLM? Auto Low Latency Mode explained

You may have noticed that TV manufacturers have been putting more stock into gaming recently - ensuring their latest sets have top level features...