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Best PS5 SSD card deals – the cheap as chips extra storage we recommend

The PlayStation 5 is amazing but its storage space can easily be filled with just a handful of games. Here are some great, cheap PS5 SSD deals to help out.

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Anyone with a PlayStation 5 or PS5 Digital Edition that’s bought more than a handful of games will invariably have played the game of deleting and reinstalling titles. That’s because, as good as the machine is, it only gives you access to little more than 660GB of storage space on its 825GB solid state drive.

Chuck a couple of Call of Duty releases on there and you’re not left much space for anything else. Add PS Plus Extra or Premium and you may spend more time downloading the 100s of included games than playing them. That’s why you should consider expanding your storage by adding an SSD card, and the best news is that there are several on offer right now.

Best PlayStation 5 SSD card deals

Corsair MP600 Pro LPX 1TB with heatsink

Corsair is a reputable brand and this 1TB card deal is great, especially considering it offers maximum data speeds of 7,100 MB/s.

WD_Black SN850X 1TB with heatsink

This card in the WD_Black SN850 series might not be officially approved by Sony, but still works brilliantly in the PS5 and offers speeds up to 7,300 MB/s.

Corsair MP600 Pro LPX 2TB with heatsink

You can get the exact same specifications as the 1TB version of the MP600 Pro LPX card, but with double the storage for not a huge amount more.

Samsung 980 Pro 2TB with heatsink

Samsung’s option has decent heat management and can reach speeds of up to 7,000 MB/s. Like the other cards, it is built with gaming in mind.

WD_Black SN850X 4TB

If you’re happy to add your own heatsink, this deal from Western Digital on its gaming specific SSD is one of the best for 4TB of storage space. You save well over £500.

You can add an SSD of up to 4TB in size, and it will work just as capably as the internal one (sometimes better). There are some limitations – it needs to be a M.2 NVMe card (to fit in the correct slot) and it’ll need to be able to read data at a minimum of 5,500 MB/s. Oh, and it’s recommended that it comes with a heatsink too (or you fit one on before installation).

You can see above that we’ve picked out a few recommended, compatible cards of different sizes – 1TB, 2TB or 4TB card – that way ensure your PS5 storage space can cope with the best new PS5 games that are coming up.

How to install a PS5 SSD

It’s actually dead simple to install a PlayStation 5-compatible SSD. You will need to remove one of the sideplates – the one on the rear of the console without the PlayStation logo – and have a couple of Phillips screwdrivers to hand (small and large), but the process is quick and easy. And, once done, the PS5 will treat the second drive the same as the internal one.

You can watch Sony’s own video on PS5 SSD installation below.

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