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GamesLifer Podcast episode 5 – Mike Channell (Outside Xbox)

In the latest episode of the GamesLifer Podcast, Rik chats with Mike Channell, who has made the leap from magazine journalism to YouTube host look remarkably simple (it isn't). Mike also reveals his five most memorable games.

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An all-new episode of the GamesLifer Podcast is now available and it features one of the hosts of the hugely successful YouTube channel, Outside Xbox.

Former Future journalist, Mike Channell, joins Rik to talk about his move from print to bone fide YouTube presenter, and how he’s keeping the spirit of GamesMaster and 90s gaming TV alive.

Mike also reveals his five “Games of a Lifetime” – the titles that have meant so much to his over the years. There’s some real surprises in there and certainly some heartfelt reasons for choosing them.

So give the extended episode a listen and also check out Mike’s work on Outside Xbox on YouTube. It’s all great stuff.

The GamesLifer Podcast is hosted by Rik Henderson and each episode is dedicated to someone who has either been hugely important in the rise of the video games industry or has simply been a games-player all their life.

As well as Spotify, the GamesLifer Podcast is available on Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsAmazon Music, and through RSS.

You can also check out the other episodes of the GamesLifer Podcast, including chats with the one true host of GamesMaster, Dominik Diamond, Alex Verrey (Big Boy Barry from Sky’s 90s show, Games World), former editor of GameSpot, Guy Cocker, and host of the also superb YouTube channel Tech Spurt, Chris Barraclough.

New episodes are being edited and recorded at present, so please check back often. And, leave your comments on the podcast in the section below or on your favourite podcast hosting service.

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