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F1 23 racing onto shelves on 16 June, but is there anything new?

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Electronic Arts and Codemasters have announced that the latest instalment of the latter’s fully-licensed Formula One game will be available in mid-June. And, as well as new liveries for the cars, plus a couple of extra circuits, it sees the return of Braking Point – the in-game story mode.

“The return of Braking Point allows players to immerse themselves in a racing story, which provides a unique look at F1 alongside the authentic race features our players know and love,” said Codemasters’ senior creative director, Lee Mather.

“Our close relationship with the teams has allowed us to refine our handling model, adding greater realism to pad-play, and implementing a new colour encoding system used in film and TV creates a more true-to-life experience.”

The tracks to make their way into the game for the first time are Las Vegas and Lusail. F1 23 will also feature three legacy circuits – Paul Ricard in France, Shanghai in China, and Portimão in Portugal. All of them have been confirmed for launch.

The Braking Point story again focuses on Aiden Jackson and Devon Butler, who have now joined a fledgling racing team – Konnersport. They are hoping to take their careers to the next level but expect plenty of twists and turns along the way – and not just on the track.

F1 23 will be available for PlayStation 5, PS4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, and PC. There are special editions also available to pre-order, including an F1 23 Champions Edition with all manner of extras and digital goodies.

F1 23

The latest Formula One game from Codemasters and EA comes with the next chapter in the Braking Point storyline.

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