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Sky Live could be the saviour of motion gaming

Sky Live works with Sky Glass and adds full body motion tracking to games that run on the TV.

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Sky has finally launched the camera device it first showed during the Sky Glass launch event in 2021, and it could be as important for family gaming as it is for voice calling and fitness.

Sky Live looks a bit like a mini-Xbox Kinect but can do much more. It sits on top of a Sky Glass and, once connected through a single USB-C cable, adds several interactive features to Sky’s TV experience.

That includes keeping in touch with family and friends through Zoom video calling, sending video messages and photos using Snapchat-style filters, watching a footy match with up to 11 connected households, or working out to 100s of coached sessions. But, the one that excites GamesLifer most is the ability to play several motion games without needing Joy-Cons or a VR headset.

That’s because the Sky Live camera is capable of full body tracking, all through its 12-megapixel lens. There’s no 3D mapping involved, nor complicated setup, it just works. We tried it during a dedicated launch event in London and immediately jumped into a game of Fruit Ninja, where we sliced the flying melons and the like just by waving around our arms.

Man playing Starri on Sky Glass using Sky Live
Image credit: Rik Henderson

We were also treated to a demo of Starri – a Beat Saber-like music rhythm game that again used simple arm and body movements to work.

Both games ran smoothly and accurately, without a consoles in sight.

Okay, there are some caveats. You do need a Sky Glass TV to pair with the Sky Live, and the games are more like mobile apps than full-fledged Xbox or PlayStation equivalents, but it is so simple to set up and operate, we can see families comfortably playing different titles together without the pain barrier of having to get dedicated kit out of the cupboard.

So, while the likes of Nintendo, Ubisoft and Meta have been keeping motion gaming alive over the last few years, we can see Sky giving it more of the impetuous that it really needs.

Sky Live is available now, priced at £290 when bought outright. It can also be purchased in a Sky Glass-style price plan for £6 per month over 48-months, or £12 per month when paid over 24-months. Both of the latter plans are on zero interest contracts.

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