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Stray Xbox Series X/S release date finally revealed

One of the biggest indie hits of 2022 is finally coming to Xbox consoles. Stray will be released for Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One in August.

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Most people who have played Stray on PS5, PS4 or PC in the last year will tell you that it’s one of the best indie games around. Published by Annapurna Interactive, the BlueTwelve Studio title is a joy from beginning to end – even if it’s a little short.

The only real question that’s hung over its head since being released last July is when is it coming to Xbox consoles, too?

Well, that can now be answered – Annapurna has announced that it will be available on Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One from 10 August 2023.

The date was revealed through a special trailer posted on YouTube, which shows the lead character pushing an Xbox Wireless Controller off a table and unwittingly switching on an Xbox machine.

Stray is an action-adventure game with puzzles galore and truly innovative story. You play as a stray cat in a post-apocalyptic world who has fallen into an underworld sci-fi city and must find your way home. The city is populated by AI denizens and plenty of threat, but thankfully, you have a drone robot, B-12, to help you on your journey.

A massive part of the game’s appeal is its neon-soaked atmosphere and the superb animation of the cat you control – it looks real at times and has all the mannerisms of a cute domestic pet.

The platforming is finely tuned too, and it’s a real joy from beginning to end.

Now Xbox console owners can find out what all the fuss is about, and why it was nominated for (and won) so many awards in 2022. Hopefully this also means that the publisher will soon announce a sequel. Stray 2 has been heavily rumoured in recent times, but it’s so far unconfirmed.

We’ll keep you informed as and when we hear more about it.

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