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Get an amazing 36% off Dead Space on PS5 and Xbox Series X

Electronic Arts has slashed the price of its survival horror on current-gen consoles. You can get it with more than £20 off today.

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Amazon has a great deal on Dead Space for the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X right now, with more than £20 off the disc version available on its UK store.

Dead Space (PS5)

The superb remake of Dead Space is available with a staggering 36% off the cover price. It’s also available with the same discount on Xbox Series X.

You can get the recently-released game with a major 36 per cent off the cover price, which is quite a lot considering EA’s games generally cost around £70 on release these days.

The PlayStation 5 version will set you back £44.99, while the Xbox Series X edition is priced exactly the same. It’s worth noting that, if you have an Xbox Series S, you don’t have a disc drive so can’t technically use the hard copy with your console – even though the game itself runs fine on the machine. It’s worth checking out the Xbox digital store for that version, therefore.

Dead Space screen on ship

Why buy Dead Space on PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

Electronic Arts opted to remake its sci-fi survival horror as part of a reboot for the franchise and we’re sure glad it did. The work done on the game by Motive is exemplary – a true example of how a from-the-ground-up remake can work.

The original game was released in 2008, so there are plenty that are unlikely to have played it before. This new version is highly recommended, therefore, especially when it’s available at such a discount.

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