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Lego Pac-Man Arcade is now available and a must-have for retro collectors

Lego Pac-Man Arcade has been confirmed for an early June release. It comprises 2,651 pieces and makes an entire Pac-Man coin-op cabinet.

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Lego has released several gaming tie-ins in the last few years, not least with Minecraft and Mario, but it’s the retro console sets that have piqued our interest most.

The Lego NES and Atari 2600 creations have been particular favourites, and now the toy manufacturer has turned to another classic gaming icon for its latest – Pac-Man.

The Lego Pac-Man Arcade is a brick recreation of an old-school Pac-Man coin-op. You can’t play the 80s game exactly, but there are moving elements that simulate the ghost chase on its screen. There are also a couple of the ghosts – Blinky and Clyde – in large on top of the cabinet, along with Pac-Man himself, who rotate into a “chased” position with the turn of a handle.

The back can also be removed to see the inner workings and reveal the hiding place of a minifigure and smaller version of the arcade machine. And, a replica joystick is on the front to finish the look.

Even the coin-slot is illuminated. It’s truly a thing of beauty.

How much does the Lego Pac-Man Arcade set (10323) cost?

There’s just one catch – the Pac-Man Arcade set costs £229.99 – the same as the excellent Lego Nintendo Entertainment System and slightly more than the Atari. Who said being a Lego fan and collector was cheap?

For that big bundle of cash, you do get 2,651 pieces and the minifigure. Then there’s the light brick, too.

The Lego Pac-Man Arcade set is now available from Lego’s own website.

Lego Pac-Man Arcade

The amazing Lego Pac-Man Arcade set (10323) comes with 2,651 and has moving parts when built.

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