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PS5 cloud gaming coming to PS Plus – stream your games rather than install

PlayStation is experimenting with adding full PS5 games to the cloud gaming section of PS Plus.

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PlayStation has announced that it will soon add PlayStation 5 games to its streaming offering as part of PlayStation Plus Premium.

It is currently testing the ability to stream full PS5 games via its cloud gaming technology. That means Premium subscribers can choose not to install supported catalogue titles and stream them instead. The Japanese gaming giant also wants to add more titles to the list as they are released.

This allows gamers to jump into a title without needing to wait for a download. There will undoubtedly be caveats – latency, for starters. And, you will need to have very decent broadband to ensure the game looks at its best and doesn’t drop in resolution and/or frame rate too much, but it does add another benefit to upgrading to the PS Plus Premium tier.

At present, only classic, PS3 and PS4 games are streamable. By adding certain PS5 titles too, it could even allow Sony to, one day, offering its own full alternative to Microsoft’s Xbox Cloud Gaming (which is part of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate). Maybe it’ll even expand to include streaming games to mobile and PC devices.

There’s no word yet on when PS5 game streaming will be available. The PlayStation Blog says that plans are still in their infancy: “We’re in the early stages right now, and we can’t wait to share more details when we’re ready, including a launch time frame,” it says on the site.

A PlayStation Plus subscription starts at £6.99 / $9.99 per month but, for the Premium tier and game streaming, you will need to pay more. It costs £13.49 / $17.99 per month, but you do also get access to the ever-growing games catalogue and a whole stack of classic and retro titles.

A number of games will be added to the service in June, including Far Cry 6 and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder’s Revenge. You can see the entire PS Plus games list in our extensive feature on the service.

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