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The end for Xbox One is nigh, but don’t swap it in just yet

Unlike previous console generations, the Xbox One will still have the ability to play new games through Xbox Cloud Gaming for many years to come.

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Microsoft has announced that Xbox Studios will no longer develop games for the Xbox One. Its attention will now be entirely on Xbox Series X, Series S and PC.

That’s good news for those who have upgraded to current-gen consoles already, but with an estimated 50 million Xbox One, One S and X machines in people’s homes around the world, there will be plenty that will be less pleased with the news.

However, before they throw their last-gen wireless controllers down in a huff, the lifespan of the console could actually be extended beyond the usual cycle – thanks to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and, specifically, Xbox Cloud Gaming.

As Xbox Studios head Matt Booty explained to Axios in a recent interview, Xbox One owners will continue to be able to access the latest games, just through cloud streaming instead: “That’s how we’re going to maintain support,” he said.

It also means that gamers will be able to play new Series X/S games on their legacy consoles.

Admittedly, cloud gaming does add a touch of latency, so it won’t quite feel the same as playing a title locally, but you’ll get greatly improved graphics in return.

As for current-gen console owners, they will finally get games developed specifically for their machines – not hampered by studios keeping one eye on less powerful hardware. And, as the multiple wireless controller generations are backward and forward compatible, no new hardware will be needed to continue to play the best upcoming Xbox Series X/S games no matter which Xbox you own.

You’ll just need a Game Pass subscription, priced from £10.99 per month, to make the most of it. At least then you’ll be able to play your games on mobile and Samsung TVs too.

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Who needs the Microsoft Project Keystone streaming box after all?

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